Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board.

Why was the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board set up?

The Gambling Commission identified the need for the creation of a Responsible Gambling Strategy Board, covering England, Scotland and Wales, to develop a strategic framework and priorities for the distribution of funding for gambling research, education and treatment, to advise on the funding needed to deliver them, and to advise the Gambling Commission and DCMS on a national responsible gambling strategy. From 1 April 2012 the Responsible Gambling Trust are responsible for both the fundraising and distribution functions. The RGSB will still determine the strategy and work closely with the Responsible Gambling Trust to ensure the strategy is effectively delivered.

What is the remit of the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board?

We are an independent expert body which:

  • advises the Gambling Commission (and through them, the government) on the research, education and treatment elements in a national responsible gambling strategy
  • determines and recommends to the Responsible Gambling Trust (after consultation with stakeholders and experts) what research, education and treatment is required to reduce harm from problem gambling as part of an overall national responsible gambling strategy, and the levels of funding necessary to deliver the recommended priorities.

How is the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board funded?

The Secretariat function for the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board is now provided from within Gambling Commission resources. In 2012/13 it will have a budget of £250,000 to support the Board and its use of expert groups.

Who are the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board members?

The list of Board members can be found here

How does the Responsible Gambling Strategy board define "responsible gambling"?

Responsible gambling occurs where operators provide socially responsible gambling products and players are able to control their play. For more information on our understanding of responsible gambling, read section 1.3 in the document RGSB Initial Strategy and Priorities.