Responsible Gambling Strategy Board is committed to publishing copies of our publications, reports and advice on this website, which we will update regularly. Since January 2010, we have published full minutes of our Board meetings.



Quantum of funding January 2017
Gambling related harm as a public health issue December 2016
Research programme 2017 - 2019 December 2016
Research Commissioning and Governance Procedure September 2016
National Responsible Gambling Strategy - 2016-2019 April 2016
Evaluation protocol   April 2016
RGSB Strategy 2016-2019 Consultation November 2015

Understanding gambling-related harm and debt

July 2015

Machine research advice from RGSB to the Gambling Commission

June 2015

RGSB letter to the Association of British Bookmakers

May 2015

Gambling Commission's response to RGSB strategy update 2014-2015

April 2015

RGSB strategy update 2014-2015

April 2015

RGSB advice to the Gambling Commission on self-exclusion

July  2014

Young People and Gambling-Related Harm Position Paper

July 2014

Headline findings from the Health Survey for England 2012 and Scottish Health Survey 2012

May 2014

Machines research framework

March 2014

RGSB update letter to Philip Graf

February 2014

Health Survey England 2012

December 2013

Scottish Health Survey 2012

September 2013

RGSB advice to the Commission on the Triennial Review consultation 

June 2013

Notes of social gaming seminar - December 2012

May 2013

Gambling Commission response to RGSB Strategy 2012

Dec 2012
RGSB Strategy 2012 Dec 2012
RGSB, Responsible Gambling Trust and Gambling Commission publishes statement of intent Aug 2012
Gambling Commission's response to the RGSB Strategy 2011 Dec 2011
RGSB Strategy 2011 Nov 2011
RGSB submits written evidence to the Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee Aug 2011

RGSB British Gambling Prevalence Survey 2010 Statement

Feb 2011

Gambling Commission's response to the RGSB Strategy Nov 2010
RGSB Strategy 2010 Oct 2010

Research, Education and Treatment: The Next Steps

Nov 2009

Gambling Commission response to the RGSB initial strategy and priorities

Nov 2009

RGSB initial strategy and priorities

Oct 2009