The National Responsible Gambling Strategy was produced by the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board following a public consultation.

It covers all forms of gambling and should set the agenda for a wide range of organisations - gambling operators, regulators, commissioning organisations, Government, trade bodies, treatment providers and a number of other public agencies.

The overarching aim is to minimise gambling related harm. The strategy sets out a vision to explain what a desirable outcome will look like. The vision is ambitious. Achieving it represents a significant challenge that will require expertise, resources and commitment from a diverse range of stakeholders.

Gambling-related harm is complex. Its effects go far wider than those identified as ‘problem gamblers’ by existing screening tools. It can also affect the families of gamblers, their children, employers and society more widely.

In recent years some positive steps have been taken to tackle gambling-related problems. This strategy is designed to build to these foundations and to tackle issues where the pace of progress has been insufficient. This should not be held back by a desire for ‘complete information’. Progress is needed based on what is known or can be reasonably inferred.