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11 Horizon scanning

Keeping abreast of technological change and innovation can help in identifying potential issues which create an increased risk of harm.

Particularly relevant are likely to be developments in remote play. Horizon scanning can also be useful in recognising opportunities to use new technology for prevention or treatment purposes. An effective, collective mechanism for such scanning is therefore needed. It should include the capacity to monitor developments in other jurisdictions and in social trends that might become relevant to the gambling sector (such as social gaming and its relevance to the encouragement or normalisation of gambling by children and young persons). It must avoid assuming that new developments will always be harmful.

Lead responsibility: The Gambling Commission, working with the Responsible Gambling Trust, the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board and the industry collectively.

Indicative timescale: Continuous.

Indicator of success: A successful approach will involve a range of different techniques to gather information, including media scanning, data analysis and insights from industry stakeholders. The analysis will be disseminated so that a wide range of partners can benefit from any insights and consider whether they need to respond.

Relevant to: Priority objectives I and II.