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12 Public engagement

All those who play a part in implementing and embedding the responsible gambling strategy need to pay greater attention to the views of players about their experiences.

The Senet Group, for example, made use of focus groups of gamblers in planning its 2015 advertising campaign. A number of treatment agencies have also drawn attention to the experience of those they treat as a valuable source of information about what works or does not work for them, including the relevance and impact of messaging and so on. Public engagement, difficult though it may be in this area to undertake effectively, should be an intrinsic part of designing any future prevention or treatment interventions.

Lead responsibility: Responsible Gambling Trust, Responsible Gambling Strategy Board, Gambling Commission and the industry collectively.

Indicative timescale: Continuous.

Indicator of success: Gamblers, whether experiencing harm or not, should be consulted during the planning of interventions at a point when their insights and experiences can influence those plans.

Relevant to: Priority objectives I, II, III, IV and V.