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Responsible gambling strategy prioritises its focus for the next three years

Posted on 3 December 2012

The third strategy of the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB) has been published, covering recommendations for gambling research, education and harm prevention, and treatment over the next three years.

The work identified is underpinned by priorities established in previous Strategies and aims to identify actions to ensure that when people gamble they do so safely – but that where problems are present, escalation of harm is prevented and appropriate treatment is provided. 

RGSB is working in partnership with the Responsible Gambling Trust (the Trust) which will take steps to implement the recommendations in this strategic framework. RGSB looks forward to discussing with the Trust their forthcoming plans to achieve this. 

Among the recommendations are continued research into risks and harm-minimisation approaches relating to high stake, high prize gaming machines and support for harm prevention projects that are already underway.  In addition, the Strategy recommends more work in a number of areas including examining the potential risks associated with social gaming; a better understanding of young people’s gambling; identification of problem gambling behaviours; and improved access to treatment. Sir Brian Pomeroy, Chair of RGSB, said: 

“We recognise that, for most people gambling is a leisure activity, but some do experience harm. It is important that, wherever possible, this harm is prevented and that those who need help are able to access good quality treatment services. This Strategy sets a framework for the effective delivery of research, education, harm prevention and treatment which will help address gambling-related harm in Great Britain.” 

The publication of this strategy follows a reorganisation of the arrangements for research education and treatment earlier this year.  RGSB remains the Gambling Commission’s independent advisor on responsible gambling matters and the Trust has been established as the new fundraising and distribution body, with the industry continuing to provide voluntary funding to implement the Strategy. Neil Goulden, Chair of the Trust, said: 

“The Responsible Gambling Trust welcomes the latest RGSB Strategy. Our task is to fund and commission research, education and prevention, and treatment services to minimise problem gambling in Britain. The Strategy will serve to guide how we distribute the minimum of £5million we raise from the British gambling industry each year, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the RGSB to ensure that this money is spent as wisely and as effectively as possible."

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